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Specialist Eating Disorder Service in Birmingham

ating disorders can take a significant toll on both mental health and physical well-being. At Private Medical Clinic, we understand the complex nature of eating disorders and offer comprehensive treatment options to help individuals regain control over their lives. Our dedicated team of expert dietitians and mental health professionals specializes in treating eating disorders, ensuring that each patient receives personalised care and support.

Psychology Assessments & Therapy

  • Conducted by a multidisciplinary team of professionals with expertise in treating a wide range of psychological concerns.
  • Comfortable and confidential environment where you can safely express yourself.

Understanding Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are not limited by age, gender, or background. They often manifest as disordered actions and thoughts related to food intake. Individuals with eating disorders may use food as a coping mechanism for their emotions or circumstances they feel they cannot control. This can lead to unhealthy habits, such as obsessing over body shape, weight, or engaging in erratic eating patterns.

Our team of specialists at Private Medical Clinic is equipped to diagnose and treat various types of eating disorders, including:

Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia is characterized by severe food restriction and over-exercising to control weight, resulting in dangerously low body weight and potential health complications.


Bulimia involves episodes of binge eating followed by extreme measures to avoid weight gain, such as self-induced vomiting or laxative use.

Binge Eating Disorder (BED)

People with BED consume large amounts of food quickly, often until feeling uncomfortably full. Unlike bulimia, BED does not typically involve purging.

Other Specified Feeding and Eating Disorders (OSFED)

OSFED is a category for individuals whose symptoms do not align with specific eating disorders. It can encompass various symptoms from anorexia, bulimia, or BED and should be addressed promptly.

Our Treatment Approaches

Our team employs various therapeutic techniques to support patients in their journey to recovery:

  • Person-Centered Therapy: We believe that you are the expert on yourself, and our counselors are there to guide and support you throughout your recovery journey.
  • Psychodynamic Therapy: This approach helps you access your subconscious thoughts and feelings, increasing self-awareness and understanding how deep-rooted emotions influence behavior.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): We utilize CBT to assist you in changing unhelpful thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, fostering positive change in your life.
  • Transactional Analysis: This technique helps replace negative thoughts and behaviors with more positive ones, leading to life-altering improvements.
  • Attachment Styles Exploration: We delve into how early attachment styles shape your beliefs and values, helping you understand and rebuild patterns and habits in forming and maintaining relationships.

Why Choose Private Medical Clinic

Eating disorders require prompt attention to prevent serious health consequences. At Private Medical Clinic, we prioritize the well-being of our patients by offering:

  • Exceptional patient care
  • Consultations with specialists at short notice
  • No waiting lists or GP referrals required
  • State-of-the-art medical facilities