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How Much Does a Private GP Cost?

private gp

Opting for private healthcare can offer faster access to medical care and personalised attention, making it an attractive choice for many individuals.NHS GP surgeries are facing challenges in offering prompt consultations, with appointments restricted to 10 minutes and a growing desire among patients to secure medical attention beyond regular working hours.

Private GP appointments emerge as a viable solution, offering swift access to healthcare for those seeking timely assistance. However, one crucial factor to consider is the cost associated with private healthcare, especially when consulting a private General Practitioner (GP) in the UK.

The expense of seeing a private GP can fluctuate based on various elements, including the practice’s location, the duration of the appointment, and the GP’s experience and qualifications. Generally, a private GP consultation typically ranges between £50 to £150 per appointment. Private Medical Clinic aims to make GP consultations affordable and accessible to our patients, starting from £49 for telephone appointments:

Private GP Consultations

In-Clinic GP Consultation


Video GP Consultation


Telephone GP Consultation


How do I get a private GP appointment?

Private GP appointments are accessible in-person throughout the UK or can be conducted virtually through online consultations, making the process of securing one straightforward. Nevertheless, despite the apparent ease of options provided by healthcare companies, there are several factors to take into account before scheduling an appointment. These factors include:

  • The cost of an initial cost of the consultation
  • The time allowed for the consultation
  • How much a private prescription or referral will cost
  • The location of the clinic

Private Medical Clinic aims to be as transparent as possible about the potential fees following a GP appointment. Our GP appointments are not time limited, allowing you to discuss your concerns in detail without feeling time pressured.

Additional Services



(inc. sick notes & referrals)


Covid PCR Swab Test


Individuals might find that private healthcare costs are covered by private medical insurance. Some employers include private medical insurance in their employee benefits package, while individuals can also independently purchase private medical insurance. This insurance can encompass the expenses of private GP consultations, along with specialised tests, treatments, and referrals.

Please check with Private Medical Clinic prior to book an appointment through your insurance.

Booking your Private GP Consultation

Booking a GP consultation in Birmingham has never been easier with Private Medical Clinic’s pay-as-you-go comprehensive healthcare services. Our GP consultations are conducted in a private and calming environment, or in the comfort of your own home, enabling patients to discuss their symptoms and concerns with a qualified medical professional who can provide valuable guidance.

To schedule a private GP consultation in Birmingham, simply click here and select your preferred appointment option. Then, choose your GP practitioner and the most convenient time slot. You can also book an appointment over the phone by calling 0121 798 0729.

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