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Private Prescription Cost

How much is a private prescription?

The price of a private prescription varies depending on the type of medicine prescribed. The cost of dispensing your private prescription will be discussed during your visit to the pharmacy. It’s advisable to inquire about the pricing before having your prescription dispensed. Private Medical Clinic also offers online prescriptions through SignatureRx, which can be ordered directly online. Private prescriptions may sometimes be cheaper than an NHS prescription, but this can vary depending on certain factors. Keep reading to find out more about private prescription costs.

Why would I need a private prescription?

In the UK, everyone recieves free healthcare through the NHS. However, certain circumstances may lead individuals to seek private healthcare services. Private Medical Clinic aims to provide an alternative with streamlined services, avoiding long waiting times and crowded treatment centers associated with NHS care.

NHS Prescription Costs

In England, NHS prescription items are priced at £9.65 each. This per-item pricing allows individuals to save money on prescriptions by ordering a Prescription Prepayment Certificate (PPC) if they require two or more prescription items per month. Notably, NHS prescriptions are free in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Private Prescription Cost

Your private prescription cost will be calculated based on the medication type and the service you are using. Private prescription services may involve face-to-face appointments or online consultations. Private Medical Clinic offers both online and face-to-face consultations with our Private GPs. The cost often includes administrative fees, dispensing fees, and, if using our online prescription service, delivery charges. We charge a nominal fee of £25 to provide a prescription.

Generic vs. Branded Medication

It is important to consider the difference between branded and un-branded medication when determining the cost of a private prescription. While branded medication is the original version, generic versions containing the same active ingredients tend to be more cost-effective. Private Medical Clinic encourages patients to explore these options for potential savings without compromising quality.

Get a Private Prescription Online

In today’s digital age, obtaining a private prescription online is both discreet and convenient. Private Medical Clinic offers online GP consultations, allowing them to order prescription medication directly after an online assessment. Our online service ensures privacy with discreet packaging and the option for home delivery or collection from the nearest pharmacy.

Private Prescription Prices

Private Medical Clinic aims to provide transparency in pricing. A face-to-face GP appointment through our clinic is priced at £95, but we offer online consultations starting from £49. There is also an additional £25 fee to provide a private prescription.

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