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Private Heart Health Check

At Private Medical Clinic, we recognise that your heart health is of paramount importance. As a leading provider of comprehensive health solutions, we are proud to offer a state-of-the-art heart health check-up that empowers you to take control of your cardiovascular well-being. Our dedicated team of medical professionals arrer committed to safeguarding your heart health, utilising advanced diagnostic techniques and personalised care.

Comprehensive Heart Health Assessments: Our experienced cardiologists conduct thorough evaluations, including advanced blood tests and ECGs, to assess heart function and detect any abnormalities.

Complete Heart Assessments

Fast, Accurate Results

Expert GPs & Cardiologists

Cardiovascular Testing

We employ a comprehensive approach to evaluate heart health by combining advanced blood tests and ECG testing. Blood tests provide valuable insights into cholesterol levels, cardiac enzymes, and other indicators, while ECG testing allows us to assess the heart’s electrical activity and identify potential irregularities, ensuring a thorough and accurate evaluation of your cardiovascular well-being.

The Significance of Prioritising Cardiovascular Health

Maintaining a healthy heart is essential for a vibrant and active life. Our heart health check-up is specifically designed to cater to individuals who may be at higher risk of heart disease. Risk factors, such as age over 50, excess weight, prolonged smoking, and a family history of heart disease, are crucial indicators that necessitate regular heart health assessments.

Our collaborative approach with renowned cardiologists guarantees comprehensive evaluations, precise diagnoses, and tailored management plans. From advanced diagnostic tests to expert consultations, we provide a seamless experience, focusing on early detection and personalised care. Your heart’s well-being is our priority, and our partnership with leading cardiologists ensures you receive the best and timely care for optimal heart health.

Heart Health Tests

Heart health testing may include:

  • Electrocardiographs (ECGs)
  • Blood tests to check for infections or inflammation
  • Blood pressure and pulse checks
  • Medical history and lifestyle assessment
  • Height, weight and BMI check
  • Urine analysis, diabetes risk, anaemia risk and cardiovascular disease risk
  • Thorough blood analysis to look at thyroid risk
  • Detailed look at liver disease risk, kidney disease risk and cholesterol risk

Book your Cardiovascular System Assessment Today

Booking your health screening or check-up appointment with Private Medical Clinic is easy. Simply select a date and time from our online calendar, or give us a call to schedule your appointment. Our team will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Our health check packages include a full consultation with a GP, lifestyle guidance, and comprehensive healthcare advice. We also provide a detailed report for you to take home, which includes the results of your health check and any recommendations for further treatment or lifestyle changes.