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HGV Medical London

We offer HGV medicals in London provided by our GMC-registered doctors.

Motorists naturally dedicate a significant amount of time to driving. Consequently, both you and your employer bear the responsibility of ensuring that you maintain the fitness required for driving.

To secure the relevant category on your licence, you must undergo an HGV Medical. Subsequently, periodic check-ups are mandatory at the age of 45 and every five years thereafter until reaching 65. Once you turn 65, an annual medical examination will be obligatory.

Same-Day HGV Medicals

Our GMC registered doctors at our clinic in London Marylebone will help fill out your medical form and ensure the medical is completed quickly and accurately. 

What does a HGV Medical Involve?

The HGV medical consists of two components:

The first part involves an interview where the doctor and candidate discuss any existing medical conditions that might impede safe driving. This discussion also delves into the candidate’s medical history, requiring honesty and openness. Any deceit revealed in the event of a future accident or violation could lead to undesirable consequences.

The second portion of the medical entails a physical examination, during which the doctor assesses the candidate’s vital signs, vision, and other relevant factors. The entire examination typically lasts 30 minutes. Throughout the process, the doctor completes an official DVLA form, which is directly sent to the authorities. A downloadable version of this form is available on the GOV.UK website.

What do you need to bring to your HGV Medical?

  1. D4 Medical Form (We can provide this if required)
  2. Photo ID (Driver’s Licence/passport)
  3. Glasses or contact lenses worn while driving
  4. Current eyesight prescription (if glasses are used for driving)
  5. Information about any medication you are currently taking
  6. Details on any ongoing medical conditions you may have

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Group 2 driver medical examinations are essential in several situations to ensure the safety and well-being of both drivers and the public. Whether you are a seasoned commercial driver or aspiring to obtain your Group 2 licence, understanding the circumstances that necessitate a medical examination is crucial.

It is advisable to consult with your GP regarding any new medical concerns. If your GP deems it necessary to report the condition, you should promptly notify the DVLA. Avoid delaying notification until your next medical assessment.

Yes, you can fail a HGV Medical. You will need to address any concerns with your GP, undergo a re-test, and potentially pass next time. Certain medical conditions are disallowed for HGV driving, and the doctor will notify you if your condition falls into this category.

Our London Private Doctors

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