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Insurance Medicals UK

The life insurance medical exam is a fundamental component of the underwriting process, aimed at assessing your overall health status. We fully understand that this exam is a cornerstone in determining your health rating, which directly impacts your insurance premium.

Our mission is to empower you with the knowledge and preparation needed to optimise your health status before undergoing this pivotal assessment. Book an appointment with one of our accomplished GP for profound insights into the world of life insurance medical exams.

Insurance Medical Assessments

Insurance medical assessments play a pivotal role in the underwriting process, a critical step that insurance companies mandate to ensure the accuracy of your application.

The components of an Insurance Medical Exam

A life insurance medical exam encompasses a straightforward physical examination. It is conducted as a standard procedure during the underwriting process. The objective is to offer insurance companies a comprehensive understanding of your present health and well-being.

One of the most significant benefits of a life insurance medical exam is that insurance companies cover the associated costs. Your expense is limited to approximately 20 to 30 minutes of your time. However, if you decide to retake the exam to qualify for a more favourable premium rate, you might incur the cost yourself.

The importance of an Insurance Medical

Insurance companies necessitate medical exams to comprehensively evaluate the risk factors associated with each applicant. Different risk profiles result in varying premium rates. Individuals classified as high-risk will typically face higher premiums. Our team of experts understands that this evaluation is pivotal, as it aids insurers in assessing an applicant’s risk of developing health conditions in the future, enabling accurate premium calculations.

The life insurance medical serves three key purposes: verification of application information, comprehensive health understanding, and identification of underlying health conditions.

How do you book an Insurance Medical?

The assessment typically involves health-related questions and tests, lasting no more than 30 minutes. Our focus is on ensuring a seamless and comfortable experience for you.

Book an Insurance Medical Assessment through our online calendar. Simply select a date and time that works for you, enter your details, and book an appointment with one of our experienced GPs at one of our clinics.

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The Insurance Medical Process

The examination is a two-part process:

  1. Medical Questionnaire
    • One of our experienced GPs will pose health-related questions to establish a comprehensive picture of your current health status. These questions delve into your medical history, family history, lifestyle habits, and existing conditions. Providing accurate and truthful responses is essential to avoid discrepancies in your application.
  2. Physical Examination
    • This is a routine check-up that includes measurements such as height, weight, blood pressure, pulse, and urine/blood samples. Additional tests may be conducted based on factors like age or coverage amount. The results help in evaluating your BMI, screening for diseases, and assessing your overall health condition.

Preparation is key to ensuring accurate exam results and a favourable health rating. Some steps you can take include:

  • 24 Hours Before the Exam: Avoid alcohol, caffeine, high-sugar foods, and over-the-counter medicines. Keep a photo ID accessible.
  • 8 Hours Before the Exam: Fast for at least 8 hours to ensure accurate blood sugar readings. Stay hydrated, avoid excessive activity, exercise, and smoking.

After the exam, it’s natural to be curious about the results’ impact on your application. While the outcome is beyond your control, we encourage you not to dwell on it excessively. Underwriters’ perspectives may differ from yours, and minor health concerns might not significantly impact your application. If results raise concerns, insurers may request a retest for accuracy.

Our Private GPs

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