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Fitness to Work & Sick Certificates Birmingham

At our Birmingham based private GP clinic, we understand the significance of ensuring individuals are fit for work and providing necessary documentation for employers. Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals offers a streamlined process for issuing sick notes, letters for employers, and fit to work certificates.

Whether you’re recovering from an illness, injury, or managing a chronic condition, our clinic provides comprehensive assessments to determine your fitness to work. We prioritise your well-being, aiming to facilitate a smooth return to your workplace by providing accurate and timely documentation, easing the process for both employees and employers.

Same-Day GP Certificates

The process of obtaining sick/fit note certificates can often be complex, with various factors to consider. We aim to simplify this process, ensuring that you have the necessary documentation to navigate work-related matters during times of illness.

Self-certification for short-term illness

When illness strikes for a period of 7 days or less, the journey to obtaining a sick/fit note certificate begins with self-certification. Our user-friendly approach empowers you to complete a Self-Certification form independently, without the need to consult a doctor. This efficient process allows you to swiftly address your absence from work while adhering to your employer’s guidelines.

We recognise that certain employers may request a doctor’s note even for shorter illnesses. If your employer requires a doctor’s note, we provide an accessible solution.

For illnesses longer than 7-days

For illnesses surpassing the 7-day threshold, a doctor’s certificate known as a ‘Fitness to Work’ Certificate becomes essential. At Private Medical Clinic, we streamline this process to facilitate your recovery journey. If you have already consulted one of our GPs regarding your illness, rest assured that your certificate will be promptly delivered on the same day, saving you valuable time.

We email you your sick note to forward to your employer immediately after your consultation. We advise patients to provide a copy of any letters to their NHS GP for continuity of care.

How do I receive a sick note certificate at your Birmingham-based clinic?

If you require a new sick note or have already been provided one for the current illness, our streamlined approach eliminates the need for unnecessary visits.

Simply book online to speak to one of our GPs to discuss your personal circumstances. A sick note can be written by the doctor immediately, and emailed/printed for you after the consultation. This ensures that you can focus on recovery without unnecessary interruptions.

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Simply book an appointment through our online calendar. Select a date and time that works for you, enter your details, and book an appointment with one of our experienced GPs at our Birmingham or Sutton Coldfield-based clinics.