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Spirometry Testing in Birmingham

At Private Medical Clinic, we understand the importance of accurate diagnostic tools in assessing respiratory health. A spirometry test is a vital tool that helps investigate respiratory conditions like asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and cystic fibrosis. This non-invasive procedure measures the volume of air expelled from your lungs in a single forced breath, shedding light on your lung function.

Lung Function Assessment

Quick, Non-Invasive Testing

Professional Respiratory Analysis

Expert Asthma Testing & Management

Receive comprehensive asthma testing and personalised management plans from our skilled medical team, ensuring your respiratory health is in the best hands.

Why Might you Need a Spirometry Test?

If you’re already diagnosed with a respiratory condition, a spirometry test becomes a valuable tool for monitoring your symptoms and the efficacy of inhalers and medications. The insights gained from this detailed information allow our medical experts to tailor treatment plans that suit your specific needs.

Moreover, if you’re over 45 years of age, a long-term smoker, or have been grappling with a persistent chesty cough, seeking advice from our GPs about further investigation is prudent. While we typically refrain from testing individuals who have recently undergone surgery, we approach each case individually to ensure personalised care.

As the spirometry test is non-invasive, it doesn’t necessitate an extensive recovery process. Some individuals may feel slightly fatigued post-test, in which case, a brief period of rest is advised.

After completing the test, you’ll receive both physical and digital copies of your results. Our GPs will offer insights into the implications of the results and recommend the subsequent steps.

What to Expect from a Spirometry Test

When you choose to undergo a spirometry test, our dedicated GPs will provide you with optimal preparation guidelines. To ensure accurate results concerning your lung health, we recommend refraining from using inhaled therapy for a couple of days leading up to the test. Additionally, we advise against consuming large meals or fizzy drinks before your session. Opting for comfortable, loose-fitting clothing enhances your experience during the test.

The Spirometry Test Process

The spirometry test itself typically spans about 15 minutes, making it a swift and efficient procedure. Here’s how it unfolds:

  1. Our healthcare professional will gently secure a clip over your nose, ensuring your nostrils are closed.
  2. You’ll be instructed to take a deep breath in and exhale forcefully into a tube. The exhalation should be as vigorous and prolonged as possible.
  3. This exhalation manoeuvre is repeated three times to ensure consistent and reliable results.

Types of Spirometry

At Private Medical Clinic, we offer different types of spirometry tests to cater to various diagnostic needs:

Baseline Spirometry

Conducted to assess lung function in cases where a definitive diagnosis is yet to be established. It serves as a foundation for subsequent medical decisions.

Reversibility Testing

This variant is particularly useful in distinguishing between asthma and COPD, aiding in accurate diagnosis and tailored treatment planning.

Post Bronchodilator Spirometry

Recommended for investigating obstructive conditions indicated by baseline spirometry or for monitoring clinical progress in diagnosed cases of Asthma and COPD. This variant requires patients to be on established treatment.

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Booking your health screening or check-up appointment with Private Medical Clinic is easy. Simply select a date and time from our online calendar, or give us a call to schedule your appointment. Our team will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Our health check packages include a full consultation with a GP, lifestyle guidance, and comprehensive healthcare advice. We also provide a detailed report for you to take home, which includes the results of your health check and any recommendations for further treatment or lifestyle changes.

At Private Medical Clinic, we understand the importance of convenient and timely access to medication. That’s why we’ve partnered with signatureRx, a highly reputable online prescription provider, to ensure that our patients receive their prescriptions directly to their email.

This service eliminates the need for paper prescriptions and you can pick up your medication from your normal pharmacy. Our doctors will issue your prescription via signatureRx, and you can simply pick up your prescription from any pharmacy.

We currently have clinics located in Birmingham & Sutton Coldfield for easy in-person testing and GP appointments.

We have partnered with a leading medical laboratory to provide next day results for our patients. However, in some cases there may be unforeseen delays. If you are waiting for your results, please contact the clinic directly.

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