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Speech and Language Therapy in Birmingham

At Private Medical Clinic, we are dedicated to providing exceptional, evidence-based specialist support to children aged 0-19 who are facing a range of specific speech, language, and communication difficulties. Additionally, we extend our expertise to those children struggling with swallowing, eating, and drinking challenges. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with a deep understanding of the importance of early intervention, sets us apart as a trusted partner in enhancing children’s communication skills and overall well-being.

Psychology Assessments & Therapy

  • Conducted by a multidisciplinary team of professionals with expertise in treating a wide range of psychological concerns.
  • Comfortable and confidential environment where you can safely express yourself.

Evidence-Based Approach

Our approach to speech and language therapy is firmly rooted in evidence-based practices. We recognize that every child is unique, and their specific needs require tailored solutions. Therefore, we employ a comprehensive assessment process that allows us to identify each child’s strengths and challenges accurately. This forms the foundation upon which we develop personalized therapy plans that align with the child’s developmental stage and communication goals.

Parental Involvement and School Support

We firmly believe that parents play a crucial role in a child’s language development journey. Therefore, we actively involve parents in the therapeutic process. During your session, our skilled SLT professionals will assess your child’s communication skills and provide guidance on how to support them at home.

Specialised Support for Specific Needs

At Private Medical Clinic, we understand that some children have unique communication needs. Our experienced team is equipped to provide specialized support for children with complex challenges. Whether it’s bilingualism, resource bases, or specific needs, we have the expertise to tailor our services accordingly.