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Same-Day Phone and Video Consultations with our Doctors

Instant Prescriptions and Letters Included in Fee

9am-9pm, 7 days a week

Our online GP consultations allow you to connect with a medical expert at any time convenient for you. With our service, you can schedule a phone or video appointment with one of our GPs on the same day to discuss any health concerns you may have.

This means you can easily discuss any health concerns without the hassle of travelling or waiting in a queue. With a range of available time slots to choose from, our online booking system gives you the flexibility to fit your appointment into your own schedule, all from the comfort of your home.

online prescription

Get a private prescription

We don’t charge extra fees for prescriptions. They are sent electronically and can be collected from your local pharmacy after the consultation.

online medical certificates

Get a Medical Certificate or sick note

Following assessment, if you are unfit to work, your GP will provide you with a sick note (fit note) for an additional cost. We also provide fit to work & recovery letters.

online medical referrals

Referrals to a Specialist

In some cases, you may need a specialist opinion for your next stage of treatment or testing. Our private GPs can refer you to a relevant specialist.

online gp appointment

Explore medical conditions

Our private GPs will listen to you carefully and compassionately and provide medical advice and support to get you back to feeling yourself.

How does it work?

If you are unable to visit your GP in person, online GP services can be a convenient option to receive medical assistance on the same day. You can access these services using your smartphone, tablet, or computer without the need for prior registration. Through online doctor consultations, you can receive immediate medical help remotely.

1. Book your appointment with our online calendar

2. Speak to your GP by phone or video consultation with a compatible smart device

3. Receive your e-prescription, specialist referral or doctor’s letter (sick note, fit to work, etc.)

4. Start recovering and feeling better

What are the benefits of a phone or online consultation with one of our doctors?

At Private Medical Clinic, our team of qualified GPs possess extensive healthcare knowledge, enabling them to provide a comprehensive consultation and examination to all our patients. Our GPs take pride in their exceptional bedside manner, which is complemented by their professional expertise, enabling them to provide cutting-edge treatments using the latest medical knowledge.

  • Expert medical advice for when you need it the most
  • Choose a time that suits you
  • Know your GP – Book with the same GP you see in-person at the clinic
  • Stay safe at home. Online consultations can be done from the comfort of your own home
  • Get a prescription immediately and easily
  • Specialist referrals
  • Sick notes or fit-for-work notes

You can schedule an online appointment with our GP at a time that suits your schedule. Video appointments are conducted through a secure video link, which you will receive via email upon booking, before your scheduled time.

Rest assured that we maintain the same level of confidentiality with your medical information provided online as we would during a clinic appointment. We do not disclose or discuss any medical information with anyone, including your NHS GP, without your consent, except in cases where there is a potential risk to your safety or the safety of others.

During the telephone or video consultation, the GP will conduct a medical history check and may request to see the affected area (if deemed appropriate). However, please note that intimate areas will not be examined during the video consultation. Based on the information provided, the GP can provide advice or prescribe medication as necessary. If the issue cannot be resolved online, the GP may recommend a face-to-face appointment or suggest additional tests to be performed at a Private Medical Clinic or one close to your location.

During the consultation if the GP issues you with a prescription the GP will be able to email over the private prescription which you can take to any pharmacy. We use a prescription provider called SignatureRx who can send paperless, secure and completely compliant prescriptions direct to any pharmacy, anywhere in the UK.

Private Medical Clinic also offers in person consultations at our clinic in Edgbaston and Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham. Our GP consultations take place in a relaxing and private environment. All clinics have parking available on-site and are easily accessible via public transport.

Our Private GPs

Private Medical Clinic is proud to be led by a team of experienced and compassionate medical professionals. Our mission is to provide high-quality, affordable healthcare services to our patients.

Each team member brings a wealth of experience, expertise, and compassion to their roles, ensuring that our patients receive the highest standard of care possible. From our skilled doctors and specialists to our attentive administrative professionals, we work collaboratively to create a seamless patient experience.

Dr Simon Khela

Consultant Private GP

Dr Simon Khela is an experienced private GP and the medical director of Private Medical Clinic. He has a special interest in lifestyle & functional medicine.

Dr Jayawardena

GP with Specialist Interest in Women’s and Sexual Health

Dr Jayawardena is an experienced private GP with specialist training in obstetrics and gynaecology.