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Are you visiting Thailand this year? Delve into the essential vaccinations with us.

Travelling to Thailand is an exciting time, the promise of beautiful landscapes, fascinating cultures and unforgettable experiences. However, don’t let the excitement of exploring this incredible country make you overlook the cruciality of ensuring your health is fully protected. Vaccinations play a pivotal role in ensuring smooth and enjoyable travel, and opting for the Private Travel Clinic can offer you added convenience and peace of mind. 

Vaccinations you need:

Hepatitis A and B-

  • Protects against viral infections spread through contaminated food, water or bodily fluids.
  • Hepatitis A is particularly prevalent in areas with poor hygiene, making it imperative for travellers to shield themselves against this highly contagious disease.


  • Typhoid fever, transmitted through contaminated food and water, poses a risk in Thailand, especially if you are travelling to more rural areas.
  • This vaccination is highly recommended for travellers, offering protection against this potentially severe bacterial infection.  

Tetanus and Diphtheria-

  • Tetanus can be contracted through wounds or respiratory droplets, so it is essential for travellers to be provided immunity against this bacterial infection. 

Japanese Encephalitis-

  • Japanese Encephalitis, transmitted through mosquito bites, is extremely common in rural areas of Thailand, particularly during the rainy season. It is essential for travellers back-packing, planing on extensive outdoor activities or prolonged stays in affected regions


  • While Rabies risk is low in Thailand, encounters with stray animals or participation in outdoor activities may elevate the risk of exposure. 
  • Vaccination against rabies is advisable for travellers engaging in activities that may increase their likelihood of animal bites or scratches.

Why choose us?

Travel vaccinations are essential for anyone travelling to destinations where certain diseases are prevalent. Our clinic offers a comprehensive range of travel vaccinations, including those recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). We will work with you to determine which vaccines are necessary for your trip and ensure that you are fully protected.

We offer-

  • Free travel consultations that offer personalised services. Allowing travellers to receive tailored advice and vaccination needs based on itinerary, medical history and individuals needs.
  • Efficient services with shorter wait times, offering same day appointments, enabling travellers to streamline their vaccinations amidst busy travel preparations. 
  • Convenient appointments with our clinics operating outside of regular working hours to cater to your diverse schedules, making sure you have easy and prompt access to vaccination services. 
  • Experienced healthcare professionals with expertise in travel medicine ensuring up-to-date and comprehensive guidance on vaccinations and health precautions for travellers. All our doctors and nurses adhere to international standards to guarantee the safe and effective delivery of these vaccinations.

Beyond vaccinations we offer travellers travel health consultations, malaria prophylaxis advice and any other travel related medicines, assuring you peace of mind when travelling. 

Travelling should always be an enjoyable time that offers an array of experiences, from cities to tropical landscapes. However, prioritising your health should never be in question!

By proactively protecting your health while travelling, you can embark on your adventures with confidence. Leveraging the benefits of our Private Travel Clinics, located in Birmingham Edgbaston, London Marylebone and Sutton Coldfield, can ensure seamless and prompt vaccinations that take the stress out of travelling.

To book your FREE travel consultation with one of our team, call the clinic on 0121 798 0729 or book online here.

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