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Request a Fit Note

A fit note is a document issued by your doctor that indicates whether you are capable of working or not. It is also called a ‘sick note.’

If You’re Off for 7 Days or Less

If you’re off work sick for seven days or less, you usually don’t need a fit note. However, it’s essential to check your employer’s policy, as they may have specific requirements. In most cases, you can use ‘self-certification,’ providing proof yourself when you return to work.

Self-Certification Forms

Upon returning to work, you might need to fill in a self-certification form. This includes details about your sickness or illness, the start and end dates of your sickness, and, in some cases, information about days you don’t typically work.

Some employers will use their own self-ceritification forms. If your employer does not provide one, use Employee’s statement of sickness (SC2)

If You’re Off for More Than 7 Days

If your absence extends beyond seven days, your employer will likely request a fit note from your doctor. This note will indicate whether you are ‘not fit for work’ or ‘may be fit for work.’ It’s crucial to consider all days, including weekends and bank holidays, when calculating your time off.


Private Medical Clinic charges £100 for sick notes. This ensures your certificate will be produced in a timely manner.

Request a Fit Note

To request a fit note, book a consultation with one of our private GPs by clicking the link below:

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